My world news brings you an unusual story on cosmetic surgery do the benefits outweigh the negatives.

We’ve gone from people dressing up as superheroes to now talking about cosmetic surgery but this was the whole idea between my world news blog it’s what’s actually happening in my world! Whose have the surgery I hear you ask be my good friend Larissa, she is going abroad to Sydney to see another top cosmetic surgeon’s for breast augmentation otherwise known to us English as a boob job.

So today we go through the benefits of jumping on a plane for 20 hours in cattle class with poor food to go get hurt. Now a set like that it doesn’t sound particularly glamorous but obviously there are more perks to going abroad rather than sitting at home.

I think the major perk for me would be being able to recuperate in the sun while relaxing on sun lounger by a pool somewhere, rather than being stuck in England in the rain in your house doing the laundry.
What you guys think about this? Personally I think if I was to get my boobs done which is pretty unlikely as im a man I would definitely go abroad to get them done. Visit inspire cosmetics for more.