What are some of the kinds of website designs

When you want a Website design for your business or your site, you will then realize that there are different kinds of them which can be created and built. There are different types as well as sizes of websites and there are various features that can be opted for as well for Website Designers.

The Website design can be static which caters to small websites. In this there is no functionality from the server side and this does not have interactive content or even a database. This is meant for small websites where there are no complex features which are used or even content. These look good with good content and stylish graphics but it cannot do anything based on programming. These are cheap, fast as well as easier to create, design and build.

There are Basic brochure Website design which consists of websites for people who have a low budget. These are professional and simple and these act like advertisements or brochures for the business. These can have up to 6 pages and usually they have a home page, an about or a philosophy page, your services pages and a contact form.

There are advanced static websites which are created for medium and small businesses. These have interesting features and these include jQuery effects, drop down navigation, flash content, news page, multimedia, image gallery as well as plugins to social media. These based on the features needed and required as well as the budget and the business can vary a great deal.

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