Wearing comfortable shoes that fit well can prevent many foot illnesses. Here are best tips for getting a proper shoe fit

·                   Since one shoe may fit differently than the other, try them both on. Buy the size based on the larger foot.

·                   It’s always better to have your feet measured and professionally fitted by experts who understand the way footwear is supposed to fit

·                   Always have your feet measured at the shop. Most shoe shops have a tool for measuring feet to the millimeter. This way, you know exactly how big your feet are.

·                   A shoe that feels just right in the morning could become a little too tight during the afternoon since your feet swell through the day.

·                   Leather is generally preferred for shoe uppers, however synthetics developed with specific beneficial properties, like stretch may be preferable for some foot deformities

·                   It is essential to confirm that your shoes are designed to give you comfort and increased protection in each case.

·                   Walk in the shoes to make sure they fit and feel right.

·                   Choose a shoe with a heel between a half-inch to an inch if the footwear is for everyday walking

·                   Make sure you go for the fitting rather than the size marked inside the shoe
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