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 Personal trainer; Services and benefits

A personal trainer is a private fitness trainer who offers its customers individual strength and endurance training. A professional personal trainer can give his experience and knowledge to the trainees and individual support and motivation.

In addition to individual training, many personal trainers also offer training in small groups. Early personal trainer were particularly active at the fitness care of celebrities. Today, however, many working people in high and middle positions take personal trainers who are flexible and adapt over time to its customers.

Personal trainers offer a variety of services. Some personal trainers specialize their careers on individual fitness areas such as strength building, weight loss, general fitness, endurance and back training

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Many personal trainers provide expanded services through nutritional counseling to holistic counseling. Personal trainers provide well-planned and systematic training and nutrition plans, which are individually tailored to the athlete or the trainee and thus optimally customized to the needs and goals. In many exclusive health clubs personal trainers offer their training and consulting. In addition, they also lead private training hours with their clients and small group session. This can take place either in a studio or outdoors or at the houses of the customer’s.

 Many personal trainers come from competitive sports and have turned their passion into a profession. Some institutions and fitness facilities offer courses in the field of personal training. They often have a fitness trainer’s license or certification from any accredited institution

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