Costume Weapon Policies at Conventions

Geek Culture

Anyone who brings weapons as part of their costume to a convention may need to have those weapons checked. Most conventions have policies in place that specifically forbid certain kinds of weapons.

The most obvious rule is going to be that no weapons can be functional. You shouldn’t be able to seriously injure anyone with any weapon that is part of your costume.

Some conventions will also require that if you have a sword as part of your costume that it not be able to be drawn. Even fake swords can cause some damage and chaos on the convention floor, so they are best left sheathed. The security for the event may force your sword to be sheathed with a zip tie.
If you have any projectile weapons, they will probably have to be made inoperable. Even if all your weapon shoots is soft foam darts, that’s not something the convention hosts want on the show floor. So they will ask you to take off your weapon or disassemble it in some way.
If you fail to comply with any of these rules, you will need to turn in your weapon to security. If you don’t follow their instructions, you may be barred from the venue, so it’s in your best interests to not only comply but also to be prepared ahead of time for these rules and restrictions. You can usually find a list of rules online ahead of the venue to get a good idea of what is safe to bring.

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